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SnowTiger Masters Council

Paving a Pathway for Future Students and Alumni:

The SnowTiger Masters Council is responsible for taking STCS to the next level in the following areas:


  • creating future educational instruction;

  • recording the history of the art;

  • overseeing the STCS ranking process; 

  • upholding curriculum standards;

  • developing new innovative methods for student / instructor interactions; 

  • hosting of annual SnowTiger Symposium events;

  • offering STCS instructor events on a local basis such as seminars and tournaments; 

  • creating a deeper, vertically integrated organizational structure; 

  • building the SnowTiger forum into something incredibly special with a future-forward approach; 

  • offering upper black-belt degree level advanced student training events; 

  • certified instructor standards;

  • online study programs;

  • and to assist all other STCS instructors and Senior Instructors in serving students to take STCS to the next level. 


This SnowTiger Council assures you that the International SnowTiger Society and the STCS teachings it represents will outlive anyone training in the art today and in the future.

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